Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Salida Dance Studio Showcase is

May 4-5, 2018




2017 SALIDA DANCE STUDIO Registration Form

Online registration helpful hints:

Click here to be directed to our new online registration software: Click Here (NOTE: 2017 Enrollments must be done on a computer NOT your phone. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

You will need an account for both yourself and your child. You can go ahead and use the same email address but be sure to use their account when signing up for classes.

You can pay for your student by linking your accounts with a relationship status and noting that you will pay for her classes, and that you are her parent and that you share pricing.

You will then want to one year of classes or make a $65 non refundable deposit for monthly autopay.

You will then want to make a recurring reservation under their account utilizing the pricing option you paid for to sign them up for either the months or years classes.

If you choose autopay, please check your statement in September to be sure your draft is set-up correctly. If you do not see a charge from Salida Dance Studio please notify us right away. It is possible to receive a bill for the entire amount at the end of the year if you account has not been set up correctly.

Please note registering for the 2017/2018 season you are agreeing to the following terms:

I agree to the following:

☐ I am committing to the 2017/18 dance season August 28th – May 12th including one performance.

☐ Early Bird Registration is until August 15, 2017, prices increase after that date.

☐ A $65 non-refundable deposit per class is due with registration application to secure your spot.

☐ Cancellations Fees of $50 are applied after October 1, 2017.

☐ Proper dance attire is required and available at Salida Dance Studio (Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (for Combo & Tiny classes), and dance paws for modern, jazz & contemporary)

☐ All absences must be approved to be eligible for a make-up class.

Please sign: ___________________________________________


Please check for details!
Here’s what you need to know! 
– Review the schedule online at
– Registration will be open July 15th – August 15th for Early Bird Pricing
Registration cut-off will be September 15th. Any registration requests after that date will be based on availability and how far the class is on their pieces. There will be no registrations after January 1st. 
– ALL classes are first come first serve!
– Classes are limited to 16 students, classes with fewer than 5 students WILL BE cancelled and a replacement class will be offered.
– 2017/18 SDS Dance Season is Aug 28 – May 12, registering for a class means you are committing to the entire season and two performances and that you will do your best to be in class and on time.
– All absences must be approved by your teacher, if you are sick you must call, text or email your teacher. Make-up classes will be available for approved absences and sickness only. Unexcused absences will not be offered a make-up class.
– Cancellation Policy is a $50 cancellation fee per class for any dropped classes after October 1st, 2017. 
– The SDS Showcase is tentatively scheduled May 4-5, 2018)
NEW!! Fast Track, if you would like to take your skills to the next level we will be offering a few Fast Track options. if you need a customized option please contact Jaime directly. Registration for fast track must be by paper registration form and returned to Jaime no later than August 10th for the discount.

2017 SALIDA DANCE STUDIO Registration Form

Advanced Fast Track (5 hrs) $2750

Adv Contemporary

Adv Ballet & Pointe

Adv Hip Hop 

Skill Building 

Jr. Company Fast Track (5.25 hrs) $3000

Jr. Company 

Int Ballet 

Int Hip Hop 

Int Contemp 

Int Fast Track (4.75 hrs $2650 or both Hip Hop & Ballet  (5.75hrs) $3100.00) 

Int Hip Hop or Int Ballet 

Int Contemporary

Pre-Teen Ballet & Pointe

Pre-Teen Jazz 

Jr. Company Adv Fast Track (6 hrs $3300) 

Jr. Company 

Adv Ballet & Pointe 

Skill Building 

Adv Contem

Adv Hip Hop

 (If you are interested in this process please complete a paper registration form and schedule a registration time in person with Jaime.)
Junior Company will begin in the summer of 2017, Kellyn is excited to offer this unique opportunity to work on performance skills and take our company to additional performance opportunities!
NEED HELP FINANCIALLY? Scholarship applications are on our website and at the studio. Applications are due on July 15th, final deadline August 1st.
WANT TO HELP? We are still looking for sponsors for our Salida Dance Studio Scholarship program, please contact Jaime for details!
If you have any questions, please call Jaime at 719.221.0515 AFTER July 11th, 2016.
If you have any questions, please contact Jaime at 719.221.0515
We are looking forward to an AMAZING SEASON and we can not wait for you to be a part of it! We have grown so much in the last year and we can not thank you all enough for all of your support and dedication! With so many new students we are doing our best to communicate the expectations and commitment that is needed for us to successfully teach our students. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.
Happy Dancing!! ~ Jaime

Classes listed are in order of the progression your child would ideally take if starting from the beginning with us. Please do not hesitate to contact Jaime 719.221.0515 for class recommendations. Please include your child’s age and previous experience with each request.

Tiny Dancers (Ballet, Tap & Tumbling suggested 2+ y.o. recommended for a great way for your toddler to get moving, sing songs, learn their colors, abc’s and numbers, just a fun way to get moving in the morning.)

Combo I (Ballet, Tap & Tumbling suggested 3-4 y.o.)

Combo II (Ballet, Tap & Tumbling suggested 4- 5 y.o.)

Combo III (Ballet, Tap & Tumbling suggested 5 – 6 y.o.)

Ballet/Jazz  (6  y.o. this classes is for kids graduating from Combo III or 6-7 y.0. who are new to dance)

Beginning Ballet  (7+) (this class is for kids graduating from Ballet/Jazz or Ballet & Jazz I. or 7-10 year olds new to dance)

Beginning Jazz  (7+) (this class is for kids graduating from Ballet/Jazz or 7-10 year olds new to dance)

Intro to Jazz   (8+) (this class is for kids graduating from Ballet & Jazz I. or 7-10 year olds new to dance)

Intro to Contemporary  (8+) (this class is for kids graduating from Ballet & Jazz I. or 7-10 year olds new to dance)

Intro to Hip Hop (6 – 12) (a great beginning dance class open to anyone interested in Hip Hop)

Intermediate Hip Hop (9+) (Hip Hop experience required, invitation from teacher if you have previously taken Hip Hop and your teacher has moved you up.)

Intermediate Ballet (9-13) (Must have completed Ballet II, experience required.)

Intermediate Contemporary (9-13) (Must have completed Intro to Contemporary and been moved up by your teacher, if not Intro Contemporary is the class for you, experience required.)

Jr Company *By Invitation Only (This performance group is by invitation by Kellyn Frost. Please contact her for more information)

Pre-teen Ballet & Pre-pointe (10+ a minimum of 1 year ballet)

Pre-teen Jazz (10+ a great compliment to Pre-teen Ballet)

Advanced Contemporary (Ages 12+, 3+ years of ballet required) This is a great class to work on choreography, strength and movement. Kids & Adults are welcome too!

Advanced Ballet & Pointe (A minimum of 2 years ballet experience, recommended 13+ y.o.)

Advanced Hip Hop (A minimum of 1 year of Hip Hop experience ideal, recommended 13+ y.o.)

Skill Building  (10+) this NON PERFORMANCE class is to focus on your turns, leaps and tricks. Starting with a great warm-up to stretch and warm your muscles this class will break down and teach you how to increase your height and flexibility in leaps and the opportunity to work on your more difficult steps in detail. This class will not perform in the recital.

Irish Step – (All ages) In this beginning class, we will learn the basics of Irish step dancing, as made popular by “Riverdance”. Class will focus on “soft shoe” dances: reel, light jig, single jig, and slip jig. No previous dance experience is necessary. Students should dress in lightweight, comfortable clothing, and wear either ballet shoes or lightweight shoes with a very flexible sole and as small a heel as possible.